Everyday Cupcakes

Get your sugar fix from one of our signature vanilla cupcakes topped off with a generous portion of home-made butter cream available in 11 yummy in your tummy flavours. For those with a more decadent taste why not try our Chocolate Velvet cream in Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate or Peanut Butter.


Classic Flavours

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Vanilla Velvet

Escape to a world of harmony and euphoria when you sink your teeth into a Sugarcups sponge covered with soft velvet folds of vanilla cream

Cheeky Chocolate

Lashings of Chocolate cream over a light sponge makes this cheeky treat cure your deepest chocolate craving.

Mint Mania

Don’t be fooled by the innocent swirl of mint cream covering this cupcake.  It will send your taste buds into a manic frenzy

Creme Caramello

Caramel cream with drizzles of caramel sauce(optional) makes this decadent cupcake impossible to resist!

Banana Rumba

Allow your senses to be awakened and moved by the delectable banana cream smothering this light vanilla cupcake

Sassy Strawberry

Let yourself go as this strawberry cupcake embraces your senses and takes you to places you may never want to come back from

Coconut Crazy

Enjoy the exotic taste of irresistible coconut infused in the smooth cream topping this classic  Sugarcups sponge.

Ludicrous Lemon

Tantalising tangy and refreshing lemon cream perfectly complimented by a vanilla sponge makes this a “comeback for more” cupcake.

Oh So Orange

Deliciously zesty orange butter cream over our vanilla sponge will have sweet citrus notes dancing over your tongue when you try our Oh So Orange cupcake

Bloomin’ Almond

Sweet Almond extract combined with a buttery cream over our signature sponge makes the Bloomin Almond cupcake irresistibly delightful.

Cherry Boom Boom

Moist Vanilla sponge tickled by the sweet and tangy taste of cherry butter cream.  This could be your “cherry on top.”

Orange Diva


Chic Choc Coffee



Gourmet Flavours

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Cookies-n-Cream Dream

Signature vanilla cupcake topped with vanilla and Oreo cookie crumble butter cream

Carrot-sel Cupcake

Around and around the flavours will go. A warmly spiced cupcake topped with white chocolate mascarpone cream

Choccy Boo

A moist chocolate cupcake with a cheeky swirl of our very own Milk Chocolate velvet cream. A chocolate lovers dream

Peanut Buttervick

A light and fluffy butterscotch flavoured sponge crowned by a delicious twirl of peanut butter cream made from Reeses peanut butter.